Our cover pictures in the 1999:2 issue are taken from the book The Magic Horse, published by BOOX, Stockholm, earlier this year in both English and Swedish. The text is by Chris Mosey, who traces the history of dalahästar, the wooden horses made traditionally in the central Swedish province of Dalecarlia and painted, originally mainly in red, with floral motifs from the kurbits paintings typical of the area. The horse has now become a national symbol, but according to Mosey's theory it was once associated with the Devil, and condemned from the pulpit in 1624 by Bishop Rudbeckius.
Dalecarlian craftsmen started to whittle model horses in the 19th century from offcuts of wood used to make furniture, and local artists evolved characteristic techniques for painting them. Originally toys of little value, the horses rapidly became miniature works of art, and Mosey features a large number of skilled carvers, whittlers and artists who supplied the entrepreneurs, who in turn built up what has become a major industry attracting large numbers of tourists to the showrooms and workshops in Dalecarlia.
The book is richly illustrated with outstanding colour photographs by Michel Hjorth (as well as older photos supplied by such sources as the families of craftsmen featured). It makes an excellent gift, as well as being appropriate for the shelves of all libraries, studies and coffee tables with a Scandinavian collection. The book costs SEK 375 (p&p extra) and can be ordered through bookshops, or direct from BOOKS, Kammakargatan 35, 111 60 Stockholm, e-mail boox@transbooks.se.

1999:2 Issue

Runar Schildt: The Weaker One
It is now over eighty years since Finland became an independent state. The music of Sibelius and Finland's Art Nouveau architecture reflect its struggle to achieve independence and a national identity. Runar Schildt belongs to a later generation, tired of the endless struggle, disillusioned and living for the moment. Anna-Lisa and Martin Murrell introduce Runar Schildt and present their translation of his story "The Weaker One", first published in 1918.
Merete Mazzarella: The Allure of Adultery
In The Allure of Adultery: A Book about Marriage, Merete Mazzarella discusses the treatment of infidelity in modern literature. Mazzarella is not only extremely widely-read, she has clearly read with ironic sensibility and total recall. To the kaleidoscope of literary analysis, she adds her inimitable mixture of reflections and aphorisms. We present two extracts from The Allure of Adultery, translated by Anna Paterson.

Tua Forsström : Four Poems
Tua Forsström was born in 1947 and made her poetic debut in 1972 with En dikt om kärlek och annat (A Poem about Love and Other Things). She is widely regarded as one of the leading Finland-Swedish poets. We reprint and translate four poems taken from Efter att ha tillbringat en natt bland hästar (After Having Spent a Night Among Horses).

Marianne Backlén: Across the Gulf of Finland
Marianne Backlén is a Finland-Swedish writer based in Helsingfors. Over the last 25 years she has published seven novels and a collection of short stories. As a writer she is particularly interested in all aspects of the meeting of different cultures, including the processes by which people can overcome social and racial prejudice, and how teenagers and adults perceive one another. We present Silvester Mazzarella's translations of two excerpts from her most recent novel, På andra sidan Finska viken (1997).

Bo Carpelan: Benjamin's Book
Bo Carpelan was born in Helsingfors in 1926. He made his debut as a lyric poet in 1946, and soon made his name as a poet and literary critic. Carpelan is also a leading prose writer and a prolific translator of poetry from Finnish to Swedish. Benjamins bok (1997) is about a retired translator who looks back over incidents in his life and speculates on the human tragi-comedy.

Finland-Swedish Publishing Houses
The two major Finland-Swedish publishing houses are Söderströms and Schildts, and articles by Marianne Bargum and Helen Svensson respectively describe the origins, development and current output of the two houses. Marianne Bargum also contributes a piece about interaction between Finland-Swedish publishers and the rest of Scandinavia, as well as between Swedish-language and Finnish-language publishing houses in Finland.
Marianne Bargum: Marketing and Distributing Finland-Swedish Books in Scandinavia
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Sweden in English
This is the latest contribution to Tom Geddes' running bibliography of Swedish books published in English translation, and books about Sweden in English. The previous update was published in SBR issue 1998:2.

Gothenburg Book Fair 1999
Sarah Death provides a detailed report on the fifteenth Gothenburg Book Fair, which took place on 16-19 September, 1999. Major themes included IT, "Bible2000", tying in with the new Swedish Bible translation project, and "The New Writer Generation", for which the organizers had assembed an array of young writers. The next Gothenburg Book Fair will take place on 14-17 September 2000.