2002:1 Issue

The 2002:1 issue contains an extended tribute to Astrid Lindgren, who died in January 2002. There is no doubt that her death signalled the end of an era. We would like to think that the features we publish in this issue not only bear witness to her outstanding competence as a writer for children, but also as a writer, full stop. Although the issue is dedicated mainly to Astrid Lindgren's memory, we also present extracts from a new translation of Hjalmar Söderberg's breakthrough novel, and an article about a centre for artists on the isle of Capri, as well as our usual Bookshelf section of reviews.
Tribute to Astrid Lindgren
To Astrid Lindgren: Farewell and thank you
Birgitta Thompson offers a warm appreciation of the life and work of Astrid Lindgren, who died at her home in Stockholm on 28 January, 2002, at the age of 94.
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I remember Astrid
Patricia Crampton was Astrid Lindgren's main translator into English, and although she arrived on the scene too late for the Pippi books, she was responsible for many translations, starting in 1975 with Karlson on the Roof. Writer and translator became good friends, and Patricia was keen to contribute her affectionate reminiscences, and to present her translation "I remember", taken from Samuel August från Sevedstorp och Hanna i Hult.
Astrid Lindgren — a librarian's view
Sharon Sperling provides an overview of the relevance of Astrid Lindgren's stock from the contemporary perspective of a public librarian, arguing that her works extend the range of twentieth century children's literature and hoping for a future increase in the promotion of her stories in libraries.
Pomperipossa in Monimania (transl. Sarah Death)
Sometimes referred to as "The Story that Brought Down a Government", this article by Astrid Lindgren first appeared in the Swedish national daily newspaper Expressen in 1976.
Set the animals free! (transl. Laurie Thompson)
We present an abridged and edited compilation taken from articles written by Astrid Lindgren that first appeared in the Swedish national newspaper Expressen in 1985.
On the Isle of Capri...
Linda Schenck
In 2001 Linda Schenck spent some idyllic weeks on the Isle of Capri, at the centre established in the house bequeathed to Sweden by Axel Munthe, where she worked on a translation of a novel by Kerstin Ekman, among other things. She presents an inspirational account of this unique environment.
Hjalmar Söderberg — from Martin Birck's youth
Tom Ellett
Hjalmar Söderberg is widely considered to be one of the major European writers of the twentieth century, unrecognized because he wrote in a so-called minority language. Tom Ellett is a keen advocate of Söderberg, and he has produced an outstanding new translation of the author's first breakthrough novel, Martin Birck's Youth, from which we reproduce some extracts here.
Sweden: A case for translation
Catheryn Kilgarriff
Six adventurous UK publishers visited Sweden recently in a quest to find new Swedish writers for the UK market. In an article originally published in The Bookseller, Catheryn Kilgarriff reports on bold new plans to publish foreign works and to tackle a wall of resistance in the UK to translations.