1995:2 Issue

from Evenings at the Pearl

Translated by Peter Graves


On Death

Translated by Harry D Watson

BOOKSHELF: REVIEWS, edited by Irene Scobbie

Torgny Lindgren, Hummelhonung (Honey from the Bumblebee)

Norstedts, 1995.

Reviewed by Tom Geddes

Kjell Espmark, Hatet (Hatred)

Norstedts, 1995.

Reviewed by Karin Petherick

P C Jersild, En gamma kärlek (An Old Love)

Bonniers, 1995.

Reviewed by Neil Smith

Pernilla Glaser, Robson

Bonniers, 1995.

Reviewed by Irene Scobbie

Inger Edelfeldt, Den förunderliga kameleonten (The Peculiar Chameleon)

Norstedts, 1995.

Reviewed by Laurie Thompson

Lena Larsson, En svensk naturdagbok (A Swedish Country Diary)

Trevi, 1995.

Reviewed by Carin Hedenström Huddart

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