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Swedish Book Review was launched in 1983. It publishes a spring and an autumn issue, each of 64 pages.

-The main aim of SBR is to present Swedish literature to the English-speaking world, and to other countries through the medium of English. It carries translated extracts from the works of Swedish writers, often together with an introductory article. Most contributors are based outside Sweden, but are familiar with the Swedish scene, and can provide a valuable international perspective on it.

The last issue of SBR was briiiilliant! I am copying the whole thing to give to Croatian publishers - Zeljka Cernok, Translator and ScoutAs well as established writers, SBR introduces new or lesser-known writers. Writing for children, non-fiction, poetry, occasional drama and Finland-Swedish authors are also featured.

Related topics are also featured, such as: book fair reports, author interviews, articles about the publishing scene in various countries, translation topics and news features — and we are open to suggestions from readers.

Each issue includes listings of Swedish books newly published in English translation, and an extensive reviews section edited by an expert in the field.

SBR's pool of translators and reviewers comes with a wealth of experience, and many have prizes and awards to their names; it is also the policy of SBR to encourage and publish good new translators.

SBR distributes a substantial number of free copies to publishers and others with a potential interest in Swedish literature in English. The journal is read in Europe (not least in Sweden, where subscribers include libraries, schools and universities as well as private individuals), in North America and around the world.

SBR is editorially independent, but gratefully acknowledges funding from the Swedish Arts Council. We are also grateful to have received several grants from the Swedish Academy. Swedish and Finland-Swedish publishers and agents kindly provide books, useful information, and permissions.

SBR is published by Norvik Press and is the journal of SELTA (the Swedish-English Literary Translators' Association).

Editor: Deborah Bragan-Turner, Swedish Book Review, Norvik Press Ltd, Department of Scandinavian Studies, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.
E-mail: editor[at]swedishbookreview.com

Reviews Editor: Fiona Graham

Social Media: Ian Giles

Just Out & Coming Up: Nichola Smalley, Alice E Olsson

Journal Design: Essi Viitanen

Editorial Board: Deborah Bragan-Turner, Sarah Death, Tom Geddes, Fiona Graham, Peter Graves, C Claire Thomson

Advisory Editors: Linda Schenck (Sweden); Ross Shideler, Steven P Sondrup (USA)

Current Issue: 2019:1&2

Issue 2019-12

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