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Backlén, Marianne

Author Donovan från Jamaica (Donovan from Jamaica)  1999:2 Review
Author På andra sidan Finska viken (Across the Gulf of Finland)  1999:2 Review
Author På andra sidan Finska viken (Across the Gulf of Finland) 1999:2 Translation

Bahktiari, Marjaneh

Author Kan du säga schibboleth? (Can you Say 'Shibboleth'?)  2010:1 Review

Ballu, Denis

Author Lettres nordiques en traduction française 1720-1995  1999:1 Review

Banér, C

Author Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Conference of the British Association of Scandinavian Studies  1997:1 Review

Banke, Viktor

Author Andrum. Om stölden av en flyktingkris och om de bestulna (Breathing Space: About a Refugee Crisis that was Stolen and the People it was Stolen From)  2018:1 Review

Bannerhed, Tomas

Author I starens tid (The Time of the Starling)  2018:1 Review
Author Korparna (The Ravens)  2011:2 Review

Bargum, Johan

Author Avsked (Leave-Taking)  2004:1 Review
Author Korta Stycken (Brief Notes)  2017:1 Review
Author Seglats i september (September Sail)  2013:S Review

Bargum, Marianne

Author Marketing and distributing Finland-Swedish books in Scandinavia 1999:2 Article
Author Söderström & Co. 1999:2 Article

Bassnett, Susan

Author Translation as continuity 2002:S Article

Beard, Susan

Translator Ingen grekisk gud, precis (Not a Greek God, Exactly) 2006:S Translation
Translator Lilla Marie (Little Marie) 2006:S Translation
Translator Maskrosguden (The Dandelion God) 2005:S Translation
Translator Ön (The Island) 2013:1 Translation, Introduction

Beijmo, Mattias

Author Båt 370 - Döden på Medelhavet (Boat 370 - Death on the Mediterranean)  2017:2 Review

Bellman, Carl Michael

Author Epistel N:o 1 til Cajsa Stina (Epistle 1 to Cajsa Stina) 2003:S Translation
Author Fredmans epistel nr 33 (Fredman's Epistle no. 33) 1998:S Translation

Benedictsson, Victoria

Subject of Article Ur mörkret över axeln (From the Darkness Over the Shoulder) 2017:2 Translation

Bengtsson, F G

Author Röda Orm (The Long Ships) 2003:S Translation

Bengtsson, Jesper

Author Granatklockorna i Myitkyina: en berättelse om Burma (The Bells of Myitkyina: a Tale of Burma)  2007:2 Review
Author Granatklockorna i Myitkyina: en berättelse om Burma (The Bells of Myitkyina: a Tale of Burma)  2007:2 Review

Berengarten, Richard

Author Even a Sort of Lone Ranger 2010:2 Article

Berf, Paul

Author Swedish Literature in Germany - A Success Story, Only Slightly Flawed 2010:1 Article

Berg, Mattias

Author Livet efter Dolly (Life After Dolly)  1998:2 Review
Author Livet efter Dolly (Life After Dolly) 1999:1 Translation

Berg (ed.), Magnus

Author Resan till månen (A Trip to the Moon)  2012:2 Review

Bergengren, Göran

Author Pilfink (The Tree Sparrow: Reflections and Facts About a Familiar Bird) 2018:1 Introduction, Translation

Berggren, Gabriella

Author Thomas Tidholm 1998:2 Article
Translator Väg 153 (Poems) 1998:2 Translation

Berggren, Henrik

Author Det röda arvet (The Red Inheritance, marketed as Into the Shallow Grave)  2015:1 Review
Author Underbara dagar framför oss (The Intellectual, the Individual, and the State: An Interview with Henrik Berggren) 2011:1 Introduction, Translation, Interview
Author Underbara dagar framför oss. En biografi över Olof Palme (Wonderful Times Ahead. A Biography of Olof Palme)  2011:1 Review

Bergil, Christina

Author Sja vita vargar i ett träd (Seven white wolves in a tree)  2005:1 Review

Bergman, Ingmar

Author Enskilda samtal (Private Conversations)  1997:1 Review

Bergmark, Anna

Author En praktisk man (A Practical Man)  1997:2 Review

Bergquist, Lars

Author Swedenborg's Secret. A Biography  2006:2 Review

Bergsten, Staffan

Author Tomas Tranströmer: Ett diktarporträtt (Tomas Tranströmer: A Portrait of the Poet)  2011:2 Review

Bergstrand, Mikael

Author Delhis vackraste händer (Delhi's Most Beautiful Hands)  2012:1 Review
Author Dimma över Darjeeling (Darjeeling Mist)  2013:2 Review

Berry, Charlotte

Author Swedish Children's Literature in the United Kingdom, 1950-2010 2014:2 Article
Author Unicorns and Witches: The Forgotten World of Irmelin Sandman Lilius 2013:S Article
Reviewer Blixtslukaren (The Lightning Gobbler)  2012:2 Review
Reviewer Här är världen (Here is the World)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Jag, Fidel och Skogen (Me, Fidel and the Forest)  2017:1 Review
Reviewer Nu leker vi den fula ankungen (Let's Play Ugly Duckling)  2015:1 Review
Reviewer Sigrid och Natten (Sigrid and the Night)  2013:2 Review
Reviewer Skuggsidan (Shadowside)  2013:2 Review
Reviewer Trollskogen (The Troll Forest)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Åka buss (On the Bus)  2016:1 Review

Bertell, Ann-Luise

Author Vänd om min längtan (Turn My Longing Around)  2017:2 Review

Bildt, Carl

Author Uppdrag fred (Assignment Peace)  1998:2 Review

Binding, Paul

Author Selma Lagerlöf: Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Journey 2011:2 Article
Author House with five windows 1998:2 Article
Author Long Live Pippi! 2007:2 Article
Author Tributes to Joan Tate (1922-2000) 2000:2 In Memoriam

Birro, Peter

Author August  2008:2 Review

Bivald, Katarina

Author Läsarna i Broken Wheel rekommenderar (Readers in Broken Wheel Recommend)  2014:1 Review

Bjork, Robert

Author Tributes to Joan Tate (1922-2000) 2000:2 In Memoriam

Bjurwald, Lisa

Author Europas skam. Rasister på frammarsch (Europe's Shame. Racists on the Move)  2012:1 Review

Björk, Annah

Author Båt 370 - Döden på Medelhavet (Boat 370 - Death on the Mediterranean)  2017:2 Review

Björk, Nina

Author Lyckliga i alla sina dagar (Happily Ever After: On the Worth of People and Money) 2013:1 Introduction, Translation

Björkman, Gebbe

Illustrator Pilfink (The Tree Sparrow: Reflections and Facts About a Familiar Bird) 2018:1 Introduction, Translation

Björkman, S

Author Fucking film: den nya svenska filmen (Fucking Film: The New Swedish Film)  2002:2 Review

Black, Judith

Author Swedish Reflections. From Beowulf to Bergman.  2004:2 Review

Blackwell, Marilyn Johns

Author Gender and Representation in the Films of Ingmar Bergman  1997:2 Review

Blikstad, Line

Author Till Ester (To Ester)  2001:2 Review

Blom, K Arne

Author En renande eld (A Cleansing Fire)  1997:1 Review
Author Offerlamm (Sacrificial Lamb)  1996:1 Review
Author Vredens dag (The Day of Wrath)  1998:2 Review

Blomqvist, Anni

Author Vägen till Stormskäret (The Way to Storm Skerry) 2017:2 Review

Bly, Robert

Author Air Mail, Brev 1964-1990 (Air Mail, Letters 1964-1990)  2001:2 Review

Bodell, N

Author Estonia. Berättelsen om en tragedi (The "Estonia". The Story of a Tragedy)  1996:1 Review

Bodström, Thomas

Author Populisten (The Populist)  2014:1 Review

Bohman, Therese

Author Aftonland (Eventide)  2017:1 Review
Author Den drunknade (Drowned)  2011:1 Review

Boije af Gennaäs, Louise

Author Stjärnar utan svindel (Stars without Giddiness)  1997:1 Review

Bolinder, Jean

Author Fjärilseffekten (The Butterfly Effect)  1996:1 Review

Bondeson, Jan

Author Blood on the Snow  2006:1 Review

Bondestam, Linda

Illustrator Djur som ingen sett utom vi (Animals No-One Has Seen Except Us)  2017:1 Review
Illustrator Katastrofer och strofer om slummer och stoj (Catastrophes and Verses of Slumber and Noise) 2009:2 Translation

Born, Ann

Reviewer En riktig människa (A Real Person: Life on the Outside)  1998:1 Review

Born, Anne

Author New Swedish poetry from the 1990s 1998:1 Article
Translator Brännpunkter (Focal Points) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer De svarta tangenternas planet (The Planet of the Black Keys)  2002:1 Review
Reviewer Den mörka stigen (The Dismal Path)  2004:2 Review
Translator Det förlorade ordet (The Lost Word) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer Dimman av Allt (The Fog of It All)  2002:1 Review
Reviewer Drottningens chirurg (The Queen's Surgeon)  2007:1 Review
Reviewer Fortifikationer (Fortifications)  2002:1 Review
Translator Israpport (Ice Report) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Klipporna ligger grå (The cliffs stand grey) 1998:S Translation
Reviewer Kvartett (Quartet)  2003:1 Review
Translator Linnés dröm (Linnæus' Dream) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Mark (Ground) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer Om att komma tillkbaka till dikten (On Getting Back to Poetry)  2001:1 Review
Reviewer Periferi - centrum (Periphery - Centre)  2004:1 Review
Translator Porträtt av en död småbåtsägare (Portrait of a dead small boat owner) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Rachels hus (Rachel's House) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer Retur (Return)  1996:1 Review
Translator Sammanhang, material (Connections, materials) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Samtal med öar (Conversations with Islands) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Sand (Sand) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer Silverskåp (The Silver Cabinet)  2001:1 Review
Translator Skiss (Skagen) (Sketch (Skagen)) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Stigar (Paths) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Stora scenen (The big stage) 1998:1 Translation
Translator Storm av samtidighet: Dikter 1985-1995 (Storm of Our Time: Poems 1985-1995) 1998:1 Translation
Reviewer The Deleted World: Versions by Robin Robertson  2006:2 Review
Translator Vid Karlbergskanalen (By the Karlberg Canal) 1998:S Translation
Translator Öckenvandrare (Desert Wanderer) 1995:1 Translation
Translator Över Oxbrobäcken (Over the Oxenbridge Stream) 1998:1 Translation

Born, Heidi von

Author Tiden är en tjuv (Time is a thief) 1998:S Translation

Bornäs, Cecilia

Author Jag Jane (Me Jane)  2001:1 Review
Author Så tager jag dig (Thee I take)  2004:1 Review

Boström Knausgård, Linda

Author Helioskatastrofen (The Helios Disaster)  2013:2 Review
Author Välkommen till Amerika (Welcome to America)  2018:1 Review

Boucht, Birgitta

Author Mariposa  2000:2 Review

Bouquet, Philippe

Author 'Translating' Harry Martinson's Aniara 2004:1 Article
Author A Tribute to Laurie Thompson 1938-2015 2016:1 Article, In Memoriam
Author The Joys and Pains of Translating Scandinavian Literature into French 2006:2 Article

Bovaller, Anna

Author Svinajakten (The Boar Hunt) 2009:2 Translation

Boye, Karin

Author Ja visst gör det ont när knoppar brister (Yes, of course it hurts) 2016:2 Translation
Author Linköpings domkyrka (Linköping Cathedral) 2014:2 Introduction, Translation

Bradbury, Rod

Translator Svinajakten (The Boar Hunt) 2009:2 Translation

Bragan-Turner, Deborah

Reviewer Atomer (Atoms)  2015:1 Review
Reviewer Att föda ett barn (Giving Birth)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Den sårade divan: om psykets estetik (The Wounded Diva: On the Aesthetics of the Psyche)  2016:1 Review
Reviewer Elefantens fot (The Elephant's Foot)  2017:1 Review
Translator En sekund i taget (One Second at a Time) 2015:1 Introduction, Translation
Intro En sekund i taget (One Second at a Time) 2015:1 Introduction, Translation
Translator Inträdestal i Svenska Akademien (Inaugural Address to the Swedish Academy) 2017:2 Translation
Reviewer Kassandra (Cassandra)  2014:2 Review
Reviewer Laudatur (Autumn Apples)  2017:2 Review
Reviewer Liv till varje pris (Life at Any Price)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Mannen mellan väggarna (The Man in the Wall)  2016:2 Review
Reviewer Marionetternas döttrar (Daughters of the Marionettes)  2014:1 Review
Reviewer Snöängel (Snow Angel)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Sörja för de sina (Care for One's Own)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Vera (Vera)  2018:1 Review

Braw, Monica

Author Främling (Stranger)  2002:2 Review

Bredow, Katarina von

Author Expert på att rodna (Expert at Blushing) 2006:1 Translation

Bremer, Frederika

Subject of Article Shaky Puddings: Frederika Bremer's fictional way with food and drink 2003:S Article
Author Familjen H*** (The Colonel's Family)  1996:1 Review

Bremer, Fredrika

Subject of Article Mary Howitt, translator of Fredrika Bremer 2002:S Article

Britten Austin, Paul

Subject of Article Obituary: Paul Britten Austin 2005:2 Article

Broomé, Agnes

Author A Farewell to Age Restrictions? The Rise of Crossover Fiction in Swedish 2014:2 Article
Author August Strindberg the Journalist 2012:2 Article
Author Strindberg's One-Act Plays Mark One Hundred Years 2012:2 Article
Reviewer Amatka  2014:2 Review
Reviewer Anaché. Myter från Akkade (Anaché. Myths of Akkade)  2013:S Review
Reviewer Arra. Legender från Lavora  2012:2 Review
Reviewer Belägring (Siege)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Ett så starkt ljus (A Light So Strong)  2015:1 Review
Reviewer Nordiska väsen (Nordic Wraiths)  2014:1 Review
Reviewer Som eld (Like Fire)  2016:1 Review
Reviewer Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar, I: Kärleken (Never Wipe Away Tears Without Gloves, I: Love)  2013:1 Review
Reviewer Underfors  2012:2 Review
Intro Underfors (Underfors) 2013:S Introduction, Translation
Translator Underfors (Underfors) 2013:S Introduction, Translation
Reviewer Vägen mot bålberget (The Road to Stake Mountain)  2013:2 Review
Reviewer Wrestlarna (The Wrestlers)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Änglavakter (Guardian Angels)  2011:2 Review

Brunner, Ernst

Author Fukta din aska: C M Bellmans liv från början till slut (Moisten Your Mortal Ashes: C M Bellman's Life from Beginning to End)  2003:1 Review
Author Yngling på guld (Youth on Gold)  2008:1 Review

Bruun, Staffan

Author Struggling Love  2009:2 Review
Author Struggling Love (Struggling Love) 2010:1 Translation

Bruun, Stefan

Author Fällan i Brunnsparken (Mantrap in Brunnsparken)  2006:2 Review

Brännström, Jonatan

Author Blixtslukaren (The Lightning Gobbler)  2012:2 Review

Burman, Carina

Author An interview with Carina Burman 1998:1 Interview
Subject of Article Carina Burman 1998:1 Article
Author Faking the eighteenth century 1998:1 Article
Author Babylons gatar: Ett Londonmysterium (The Streets of Babylon: A London Mystery)  2005:1 Review
Author Cromwells huvud: antropologisk komedi (Cromwell's Head: an Anthropological Comedy)  1999:1 Review
Author Den tionde sånggudinnan (The tenth muse) 1998:1 Translation
Author Hästen från porten: ett österländskt ävertyr (The Ottoman Horse: An Eastern Adventure)  2009:1 Review
Author Islandet (The Ice Land)  2001:2 Review
Author Min salig bror Jean Hendrich (My dear departed brother Jean Henric) 1998:S Translation
Author Vit som marmor - ett romerskt mysterium (White as Marble - A Roman Mystery)  2006:2 Review

Burrau, Elis

Author och vi fortsatte att göra någonting rörande (and we continued doing something moving)  2017:1 Review

Burton, Nina

Author Den nya kvinnostaden: Pionjärer och glömda kvinnor under tvåtusen år (The New City of Ladies: Pioneers and Forgotten Women Over Two Thousand Years)  2007:1 Review
Author Det som muser viskat. Sju frågor och hundra svar om skapande och kreativitet (What the Muses have Whispered. Seven Questions and a Hundred Answers about Creating and Creativity)  2003:2 Review

Byggmästar, Eva-Stina

Author I tvillingarnas tecken (Under the Sign of Gemini)  2016:2 Review
Author Men hur små poeter finnes det egentligen? (But How Little Can Poets Possibly Be?)  2010:1 Review
Author Men hur små poeter finns det egentligen (Seven Poems) 2010:2 Introduction, Translation
Author Naturbarn. Dikter i urval 1986 - 2016 (Nature Child: Selected Poems, 1986 - 2016)  2018:1 Review

Bäck, Madeleine

Author Jorden vaknar (Awakening Earth)  2018:1 Review
Author Vattnet Drar (The Lure of Water)  2016:2 Review

Bärtås, Magnus

Author Alla monster måste dö (All Monsters Must Die)  2011:2 Review

Börjel, Ida

Author Ma  2014:2 Review

Börjlind, Cilla

Author Springfloden (The Spring Tide)  2013:1 Review

Börjlind, Rolf

Author Springfloden (The Spring Tide)  2013:1 Review

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