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Cain, Betty

Author Elin Wägner 1999:1 Article
Translator Kvarteret Oron (Stormy Corner) 1999:1 Translation
Translator Norrtullsligan (The Norrtull Gang) 1999:1 Translation

Cannell, Dinah

Intro Sönder (om framkallning av Veloxpapper) (To Pieces (on the developing of Velox paper)) 2005:2 Introduction, Translation
Translator Sönder (om framkallning av Veloxpapper) (To Pieces (on the developing of Velox paper)) 2005:2 Introduction, Translation

Carbone, Elettra

Author The Artist as a Young Man: August Strindberg's 'I Rom' and the Celebration of a Centenary 2012:2 Article

Carlbom, Terry

Author A Tribute to Laurie Thompson 1938-2015 2016:1 Article, In Memoriam

Carlsson, Claes

Author Lång fin blond (Long Cool Blonde)  2001:1 Review

Carpelan, Bo

Author Barndom (Childhood)  2009:1 Review
Author Benjamins bok (Benjamin's book) 1999:2 Translation
Author Benjamins bok (Benjamin's book)  1998:1 Review

Ceder, Camilla

Author Babylon  2011:1 Review

Cederlund, Charlotte

Author Gryningsstjärna (Morning Star)  2017:2 Review
Author Middagsmörker (Polar Night)  2017:1 Review

Černok, Željka

Author Swedish Literature in Croatia 2007:1 Article
Reviewer De vackra kusinerna (The Beautiful Cousins)  2009:2 Review
Reviewer Duck City  2008:1 Review
Reviewer Europas skam. Rasister på frammarsch (Europe's Shame. Racists on the Move)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Flugtämjaren (The Fly Tamer)  2011:1 Review
Reviewer Gå inte ensam ut i natten (Don't Go Out Alone Into the Night)  2010:1 Review
Reviewer Herr Isakowitz skatt (Herr Isakowitz's Treasure)  2015:2 Review
Reviewer Någon annanstans i Sverige (Somewhere Else in Sweden)  2008:2 Review
Reviewer Orgelbyggaren (The Organ Maker)  2009:1 Review
Reviewer Rocky fejsar demonerna (Rocky Faces Up to the Demons)  2014:1 Review
Reviewer Samlaren (The Collector)  2013:S Review
Reviewer Sverige forever in my heart (Sweden Forever in My Heart)  2012:2 Review
Reviewer Svindlarprästen (The Swindler Priest)  2013:1 Review
Reviewer The Agency Semolina Pritchard Ltd (The Semolina Pritchard Agency)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Vinterkriget. En äktenskapsroman (The Winter War. A Novel about a Marriage)  2013:2 Review

Chamberet, Georgia de

Author Random thoughts from an offshore island 1997:2 Article

Charlesworth, John

Translator To Catch a Drop of Dew: On Translating Harry Martinson's Nature Poetry 2004:1 Article
Reviewer Views From a Tuft of Grass (Utsikt från en grästuva)  2006:1 Review

Charlton, Hannah

Reviewer Dagar utan ljus, nättar utan mörker (Days Without Light, Nights Without Darkness)  2017:1 Review
Reviewer Ölandssången (Song of Öland)  2018:1 Review

Cima, Carmen Giorgetti

Author Iperborea: A Pioneer Publisher in Italy 2005:1 Translation

Claeson, Eva

Intro Molnsteg (Clouds) 2003:1 Introduction, Translation
Translator Molnsteg (Clouds) 2003:1 Introduction, Translation

Claeson, Stewe

Author Rönndruvan glöder (The Rowan's Cluster Glows)  2003:1 Review
Author Stämma i havet (Voice in the Sea)  2000:1 Review

Claeson (ed.), Eva

Author Metamorphoses, Journal of the Five Colleges for Literary Translation: Special Issue on Swedish Literature, Spring 2000, vol. 8 no. 1  2000:2 Review

Claesson, Stig

Author 21 Sagor (Graybeard the Tomte) 2013:2 Introduction, Translation
Author Efter oss syndafloden (Après nous le déluge)  2003:1 Review
Author Eko av en vår (Echo of a Spring)  1996:1 Review
Author Man måste det man önskar (You Must Do What You Want)  1997:2 Review
Author Nya Stockholmsbilder (New Pictures of Stockholm) 1998:S Translation
Author Sekonderna lämnar ringen (Seconds Out of the Ring)  2006:1 Review
Author Svart asfalt grönt gräs (Black Asphalt Green Grass)  2001:1 Review
Author Vad man ser och hedrar (What One Sees and Honours)  1998:1 Review
Author Varsel om kommande tilldragelser (Premonitions of Coming Events)  2000:1 Review

Clason, Anders

Author A Swedish success 1997:2 Article

Cole, Janet

Intro Att bo granne med ondskan. Sveriges förhållande till nazismen, Nazityskland och förintelsen (Neighbour of Evil) 2011:2 Introduction, Translation
Translator Att bo granne med ondskan. Sveriges förhållande till nazismen, Nazityskland och förintelsen (Neighbour of Evil) 2011:2 Introduction, Translation
Translator Semester vid kusten (Holiday by the Sea) 2014:1 Translation
Reviewer Vildsvin (Wild Boar)  2018:1 Review

Combüchen, Sigrid

Author Tributes to Joan Tate (1922-2000) 2000:2 In Memoriam
Author En simtur i sundet (Swimming Trip to the Sound)  2004:1 Review
Author Korta och långa kapitel (Short and long chapters) 1998:S Translation
Author Parsifal (Parzival)  1998:2 Review
Author Spill, en damroman (Waste) 2011:1 Translation
Author Spill. En damroman (Waste. A Ladies' Novel)  2011:1 Review

Cornwell, Bob

Author The mirror of crime. Bob Cornwell talks to European best-seller Henning Mankell 2001:S Interview, Article

Cowie, Peter

Reviewer Gender and Representation in the Films of Ingmar Bergman  1997:2 Review

Crampton, Patricia

Author I remember Astrid 2002:1 Article
Subject of Article In Memoriam: Patricia Crampton 1925-2016 2017:1 In Memoriam, Article
Author Round the World in Sixty Years 2008:2 Article
Author The Marsh Award 2006:S Article
Author Tributes to Joan Tate (1922-2000) 2000:2 In Memoriam

Current Issue: 2018:2

Issue 2018-2

  • Johanna Nilsson, from The Greener Abyss
  • Karin Boye, from Astarte
  • C Claire Thomson, Love Without Lovers, Words Without Images: On Ingmar Bergman's Unrealised Screenplays
  • Robin Fulton Macpherson, Remembering Östen Sjöstrand
  • Charlotte Berry, Nordic Literary Translators Joan Tate and Patricia Crampton
  • Jan Holmberg, from The Writer Ingmar Bergman
  • Ingmar Bergman, from Work Diaries 1955-1974
  • Jenny Jägerfeld, from Comedy Queen
  • Ingmar Bergman, Writing Through a Glass Darkly
  • Bookshelf, edited by Fiona Graham
  • Just Out and Coming Up

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