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Jakobson, Lars

Subject of Article Continuity and Change in Swedish Prose Fiction: Lars Jakobson, Ellen Mattson and Literary Trends Since 1960 2003:1 Translation, Article
Author I den Röda Damens slott (In the Red Queen's Castle) 2003:1 Introduction, Translation
Author Vännerna (The Friends)  2010:2 Review

Jangfeldt, Bengt

Author Drömmen om San Michele. En resa i Axel Munthes fotspår (The Dreams of San Michele. A Journey in Axel Munthe's Footsteps)  2000:2 Review
Author En osalig ande (A Lost Soul)  2004:1 Review
Author Med livet som insats. Berättelsen om Vladimir Majakovskij (Life at Stake: The Story of Vladimir Majakovsky)  2007:2 Review
Author Språket är Gud. Anteckningar om Joseph Brodsky (Language is God. Notes about Joseph Brodsky)  2011:1 Review

Janson, Tore

Author Germanerna (The Germans)  2014:2 Review

Jansson, Anna

Author Alla de stillsamma döda (All the Quiet Dead)  2002:1 Review

Jansson, Henrik

Author Godnatt treans spårvagn (Goodnight, Tram Number Three) 2005:S Article

Jansson, Tove

Subject of Article Beyond Moomin Valley: Tove Jansson's Writing for Adults 2013:S Article
Subject of Article Moomin magic 2001:2 Article
Subject of Article Tove Jansson Conference, Pembroke College, Oxford, 24 March 2007 2007:2 Article
Author Dockskåpet och andra berättelser (The Cartoonist) 2004:1 Translation
Author Meddelande: Noveller i urval 1971-1997 (Message: Selected Short Stories 1971-1997)  1998:2 Review
Author Moomintroll and the End of the World  2009:2 Review

Jaskoviak, Pamela

Author Agadir, my love  1999:2 Review

Jeffmar, Marianne

Author En vass obändig längtan. En norrländsk roman (A Sharp Ferocious Longing. A Norrland Novel)  2009:2 Review

Jensson, Sara Sum see also Rasmussen, Jonas

Author Ur mörkret över axeln (From the Darkness Over the Shoulder) 2017:2 Translation

Jersild, P C

Author Den stökliga psykiatrin: minnen, samtal, tankar (Psychiatry in Disarray: Memories, Conversations, Reflections)  2016:1 Review
Author Edens bakgård (The Back Yard of Eden)  2010:1 Review
Author En gamma kärlek (An Old Love)  1995:2 Review
Author Ljusets drottning (The Queen of Light)  2001:1 Review
Author Medicinska memoarer (Medical Memories)  2007:2 Review
Author Sena sagor (Late Tales)  1998:2 Review

Jocelyn, Ann Henning

Author Beyond words: translating for the theatre 2002:S Article

Johannisson, Karin

Author Den sårade divan: om psykets estetik (The Wounded Diva: On the Aesthetics of the Psyche)  2016:1 Review

Johansson, Annelis

Author Herr Fikonhatt och slottet Thoufve (Mr Fighat and Castle Thoufve) 2015:2 Introduction, Translation

Johansson, Elsie

Author Berättelsen om Nancy (Nancy Trilogy) 2001:2 Introduction, Translation
Author Nancy (Nancy)  2001:1 Review

Johansson, Ewa Christina

Author Mörkt svek (Dark Betrayal)  2014:1 Review
Author Sista resan (The Last Journey)  2014:1 Review
Author Svag is (Thin Ice)  2014:1 Review

Johansson, Inger

Author Tributes to Joan Tate (1922-2000) 2000:2 In Memoriam

Johansson, Kjell

Author Huset vid Flon (The house by the dam) 2000:S Introduction, Translation
Author Huset vid Flon (The house by the dam)  1998:1 Review
Author Rummet under golvet (The Room Under the Floor)  2007:2 Review
Author Sjön utan namn (The Lake Without a Name)  2007:2 Review

Johansson, Pär

Author Hasard: En management-thriller (Hazard: A Management Thriller)  1996:1 Review

Johansson, Viktor

Author Bonsaikatt (Bonsai Cat)  2015:2 Review
Author Wrestlarna (The Wrestlers)  2012:1 Review

Johnson, Bengt Emil

Author Stigar (Paths) 1998:1 Translation
Author Över Oxbrobäcken (Over the Oxenbridge Stream) 1998:1 Translation

Johnsson, Arne

Author Storm av samtidighet: Dikter 1985-1995 (Storm of Our Time: Poems 1985-1995) 1998:1 Translation

Jonasson, Jonas

Author Analfabeten som kunde räkna (The Illiterate Who Could Count)  2014:1 Review

Jones, Michael Owen

Translator Gräset är mörkare på andra sidan (The Grass is Darker on the Other Side) 2017:1 Translation

Jones, W Glyn

Author Moomin magic 2001:2 Article

Jonsson, Henrik

Illustrator The PAX series  2016:2 Review

Juslin, Emma

Author Frida och Frida (Frida and Frida)  2007:2 Review

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Issue 2018-2

  • Johanna Nilsson, from The Greener Abyss
  • Karin Boye, from Astarte
  • C Claire Thomson, Love Without Lovers, Words Without Images: On Ingmar Bergman's Unrealised Screenplays
  • Robin Fulton Macpherson, Remembering Östen Sjöstrand
  • Charlotte Berry, Nordic Literary Translators Joan Tate and Patricia Crampton
  • Jan Holmberg, from The Writer Ingmar Bergman
  • Ingmar Bergman, from Work Diaries 1955-1974
  • Jenny Jägerfeld, from Comedy Queen
  • Ingmar Bergman, Writing Through a Glass Darkly
  • Bookshelf, edited by Fiona Graham
  • Just Out and Coming Up

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