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Rajs, Jovan

Author Fallet Osmo Vallo (The Osmo Vallo Case)  2004:1 Review

Ramqvist, Karolina

Author Alltings början (The Beginning of Everything)  2013:1 Review
Author Flickvännen (The Girlfriend)  2010:1 Review

Ranelid, Björn

Author Kärlekens innersta rum (The Innermost Room of Love)  1997:1 Review
Author Min son fäktas mot världen (My Son Fences Against the World)  2001:1 Review
Author Tusen kvinnor OCH en sorg (A Thousand Women AND One Sorrow) 2001:2 Translation

Rasmussen, Jonas

Author Ur mörkret över axeln (From the Darkness Over the Shoulder) 2017:2 Translation

Razai, Sara

Author Djävulen är en lögnare (The Devil is a Liar)  2017:1 Review
Author Djävulen är en lögnare (The Devil is a Liar) 2017:2 Translation
Author Jag har letat efter dig (I've Searched For You)  2013:S Review

Rees, Ellen

Reviewer Hitom himlen (This side of the sky)  2005:1 Review

Rejt, Maria

Author A Tribute to Laurie Thompson 1938-2015 2016:1 Article, In Memoriam

Ringbom, Henrika

Author Martina Dagers längtan (The Longing of Martina Dager)  1999:1 Review

Ringell, Susanne

Author Via Liljendal 2003:1 Translation
Author Av blygsel blev Adele fet, Alfabetiska nedslag (It Was Embarrassment That Made Adele Fat, Alphabetical Sketches)  2001:1 Review
Author Vattnen (The Waters)  2011:1 Review

Ringstedt, Tomas

Author Röd snö (Red Snow)  2012:1 Review

Robinson, Michael

Author Obituary: Göran Printz-Påhlson 2006:2 Article
Reviewer De döda pjäserna (The Dead Plays)  1996:1 Review

Ronge, Mattias

Author Den girige (The Miser)  2012:1 Review

Rosenberg, Göran

Author Plikten, profiten och konsten att vara människa (Duty, Profit and the Art of Being Human)  2014:2 Review

Roslund, Anders

Author En bror att dö för (The Sons)  2017:2 Review

Rundcrantz, Xiao

Author Röd åklagare (Red Prosecutor) 2006:2 Introduction, Translation

Runeberg, Fredrika

Author Receptbok (Recipe Book)  2004:1 Review

Runefelt, Eva

Author Celebrating the Poetry of Katarina Frostenson and Eva Runefelt : Introduction, Translation
Author Celebrating the Poetry of Katarina Frostenson and Eva Runefelt 2003:2 Introduction, Translation
Author Two Prize-Winning Swedish Poets: Eva Runefelt and Katarina Frostenson 2000:S Introduction, Translation
Author I ett förskingrat nu (In a Scattered Present)  2009:1 Review
Author Minnesburen (The Memory Cage)  2014:2 Review
Author Mjuka mörkret (Soft Darkness) 2000:S Introduction, Translation

Ruta, Matilda

Illustrator Åka buss (On the Bus)  2016:1 Review

Rydberg, Carina

Author Den högsta kasten (The Highest Caste)  1997:1 Review

Rydstedt, Anna

Author Klipporna ligger grå (The cliffs stand grey) 1998:S Translation

Rynell, Elisabeth

Author Hitta hem (Finding the Way Home)  2010:1 Review
Author Hohaj (Hohaj) 2000:S Introduction, Translation
Author Hohaj (Hohaj)  1998:1 Review
Author Om skrivandets sinne (The Sensibility of Writing)  2015:2 Review
Author Till Mervas (To Mervas)  2003:1 Review
Author Öckenvandrare (Desert Wanderer) 1995:1 Translation

Rådström, Niklas

Author Boken (The Book)  2014:1 Review
Author De svarta tangenternas planet (The Planet of the Black Keys)  2002:1 Review
Author Drivved frän Arkadien. Stockholm 1899-1917 (Driftwood from Arcadia. Stockholm 1899-1917)  2000:1 Review
Author En handfull regn (A Handful of Rain)  2008:2 Review
Author Gästen (The Guest) 2007:2 Introduction, Translation
Author Gästen (The Guest)  2007:2 Review
Author Kvartett (Quartet)  2003:1 Review
Author Månens anförvant (Kinsman of the Moon)  2011:1 Review
Author Om att komma tillbaka till dikten (Poems) 2002:2 Translation
Author Om att komma tillkbaka till dikten (On Getting Back to Poetry)  2001:1 Review
Author Vad du vill (As You Like It)  1996:1 Review
Author Väg 153 (Road 153) 2002:2 Translation

Råstam, Hannes

Author Fallet Thomas Quick - Att skapa en seriemördarare (Thomas Quick: The Making of a Serial Killer)  2013:1 Review

Current Issue: 2018:2

Issue 2018-2

  • Johanna Nilsson, from The Greener Abyss
  • Karin Boye, from Astarte
  • C Claire Thomson, Love Without Lovers, Words Without Images: On Ingmar Bergman's Unrealised Screenplays
  • Robin Fulton Macpherson, Remembering Östen Sjöstrand
  • Charlotte Berry, Nordic Literary Translators Joan Tate and Patricia Crampton
  • Jan Holmberg, from The Writer Ingmar Bergman
  • Ingmar Bergman, from Work Diaries 1955-1974
  • Jenny Jägerfeld, from Comedy Queen
  • Ingmar Bergman, Writing Through a Glass Darkly
  • Bookshelf, edited by Fiona Graham
  • Just Out and Coming Up

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