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Resan till världens farligaste land Malte Persson, Resan till världens farligaste land (The Journey to the Most Dangerous Land in the World)

Bonnier Carlsen,  2012.

Reviewed by Anna Tebelius in SBR 2012:2

Illustrated by Rui Tenreiro. 4-7 years.

The poet and writer Malte Persson has written a children’s book,
within it we journey to the world’s most dangerous place to look,
at mysterious forests, deserts and quicksand,
filled with scary monsters, vampires, lost children, a frightening magician, that all occupy this land.

A giant castle on top of a mountain peak,
reveals long corridors and rooms filled with gruesome traps and more than one freak.

Inspired by classic stories and computer adventure games,
it’s written in rhyme and with it Persson aims
to create a symbiosis between his love for wordplay
and Rui Tenreiro’s whimsical illustrations that let a young or old mind stray,
making up their own stories as events unfold,
reading out loud to hear the words being told.

The main character is never seen on the page,
perhaps he or she has already reached the next stage,
but this is what I like about Persson’s new tale,
it is instead the reader that takes up the trail.
Sometimes the rhymes jar and do not work so well,
and perhaps one would have liked more of a narrative to tell.
The adventure leaves a lot to the imagination,
but Persson lets the reader hear the words,
and think about their creation.
For me Tenreiro’s drawings are stronger and more evocative than the rhymes,
as they provoke further journeys to be imagined at other times.

However I really think that the terrifying geography and the strange characters one meets,
in this the most dangerous place in the world will go down a treat.

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