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Hitler's Scandinavian Legacy John Gilmour and Jill Stephenson (eds.), Hitler's Scandinavian Legacy

Bloomsbury Academic,  2013.

Reviewed by Anna Paterson in SBR 2013:2

Review Section: Comment on Publication

John Gilmour is co-editor with Professor Jill Stephenson of Hitler’s Scandinavian Legacy. In it, leading British and Nordic historians examine the immediate effects of Hitler’s aggression as well as the long-term legacies for each country’s self-image and national identity, dealing with such topics as Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik and Denmark’s acclaimed TV series, ‘The Killing’. The BBC’s Allan Little – no stranger to present-day conflicts in Iraq, Bosnia, and Rwanda – adds some controversial viewpoints in his overview.

Hitler’s Scandinavian Legacy is in effect a reference book of the Second World War in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. The War’s effects on all four countries are reviewed more widely from within and outside Scandinavia.  The wartime experiences of the Scandinavian countries fundamentally changed how each nation functioned in the post-war world by altering political structures, the dynamics of their societies, the inter-relationships between the countries and the popular view of moral responses to totalitarian threats. Drawing on the latest research, this volume is a welcome addition to the comparative histories on Scandinavia and the Second World War.


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