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Rocky fejsar demonerna Martin Kellerman, Rocky fejsar demonerna (Rocky Faces Up to the Demons)

Kartago förlag,  2013.

Reviewed by Željka Černok in SBR 2014:1

Review Section: Fiction, Light-Hearted and More Serious

Rocky has been the biggest comic  success in Sweden for the past 10  years. Published in the leading Swedish  daily papers and in 15 languages around  the world, Rocky’s humorous, ironic  approach to modern-day life has granted  the stories about him huge popularity.  The comics show us a group of friends,  depicted as animals, but whose world  very much reflects life as it is lived in  today’s Stockholm. 

They party, fall in and out of love,  travel, talk and pass hilarious comments  on global events as well as pop culture  icons and wannabes. Rocky’s tongue-incheek takes on First World problems  and the absurdities of modern life make  the reading worthwhile. For example, he  starts off a Christmas dinner with his  friends by saying that ‘… it is important  to send a thought to the children in the  Third World who have made all this  possible.’

As Kellerman’s creation is largely  autobiographical, with the passing of time  we also see how the characters change,  as the satisfaction they get out of endless  partying is waning and dating becomes a  chore when they have put up with the  kind of woman ‘…whose personality  is like a Myspace page that no one has  logged into since 2007.’

What makes Rocky comic books  stand out among their many competitors  is the honest admission of their author  that he is as much part of contemporary  life as anyone. Kellerman’s self-awareness  makes the writing both hysterically funny  and sharply intelligent, creating a true  picture of life as it is lived now that much  of literature is attempting to show but  often misses by being tediously detailed  or desperately trying to be profound.

  Rocky has been doing it the right way  all along. 

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